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BIOCLOX 7 Stage Air Purifier

BIOCLOX 7 Stage Air Purifier takes a multi-pronged approach to cleaning the air.

  • Diffuser function: Provides a constant stream of atomized  BIOCLOXTM Diffusing Solution for continued disinfection of the air. 

  • Triple Filtration: Combination HEPA, antibacterial, carbon filter. The HEPA filter is 0.01-0.3micron with a filtration rate of at least 99.7% effective for most dust, bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergens and particulate matter.

  • Cold Catalyst: A cold catalyst layer provides catalyzation of harmful gases (including formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulfide) and decomposes these into water and CO2.

  • Negative Ionisation: Directs a stream of negative air ions into the air which electrostatically attracts contaminants in the air and disperses them from the air. 

  • UV: Air flow through the BIOCLOXTM Combination Nebuliser Air Purifier is further sterlised through a 365nm UV light before recirculation into the room.

The BIOCLOX Combination Diffuser Air Purifier has an effective area of 50 sq meters and is suitable for homes, offices, bedrooms and other enclosed spaces. 

When combined in multiples (and with other BIOCLOX products which can be provided upon discussion), is also suitable to clean very large areas such as restaurants, gyms, retail shops, hotels, event spaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms and other areas of high human traffic. Please contact us further for enterprise/commercial solutions and we are happy to propose bespoke solutions.

USD 425/ GBP 350/ SGD 600
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