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BIOCLOX is highly effective, safe, sustainable and cost effective disinfection solution developed to clean the air, surfaces and hands/body. Infections brought about by bacterial and viral contagion through aerosol and airborne spread is a constant threat, and in light of the current COVID19 pandemic, there was some evidence that the COVID19 coronavirus is possibly aerosol/airborne spread.


It was extremely important for XENTIFIC LABS to create a product that would effectively and safely clean the air. In collaboration with an elderly residential nursing care institution, XENTIFIC LABS formulated the BIOCLOX oxidising compound, firstly as a diffusing solution to clean the air through the use of diffusers to protect the vulnerable, elderly residents of the nursing care institution.  


XENTIFIC LABS developed the BIOCLOX  oxidizing compound which attacks bacteria and viruses by selectively oxidizing and attacking the protein structures of bacteria/viruses/microorganisms to disable them. One of the active ingredients in the BIOCLOX  oxidizing compound is chlorine dioxide, which is extremely effective at low concentrations, and has antiviral and antibacterial properties which is backed by our lab tests and a tonne of international research and proven industrial, military, healthcare and food industry usage. XENTIFIC LABS has created the BIOCLOX oxidising compound with a carefully formulated concentration of chlorine dioxide, combined with a proprietary blend of natural extracts and other active compounds. 

Unlike the usual chlorine, quaternary ammonium or alcohol based products, which have limitations as to their efficiency, BIOCLOX oxidizing compound is effective at low concentrations, and does not produce any harmful by products. 

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