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BIOCLOX Diffusing Solution (1000ml)

BIOCLOX Diffusing Solution is the flagship product of the BIOCLOX range of disinfectant solutions. 

BIOCLOX Diffusing Solution:

  • harnesses the combined power of BIOCLOXTM Oxidising agents and pure natural extracts for effective antibacterial and antiviral disinfection

  • For use with any of the BIOCLOX diffusers or combination diffuser-air purifiers to actively clean the air, surfaces and fabric. 

  • Atomises easily through the BIOCLOX diffuser or combination diffuser-air purifier into a fine mist which evenly distributes the active compounds of the BIOCLOX oxidizing compound to selectively oxidise and disable viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms in the air.

When used with the BIOCLOX Personal Diffuser, directing the stream of BIOCLOX mist at hands, surfaces and clothes also:

  • actively disinfects such targeted areas, and 

  • provides a safe and sustainable alternative to alcohol based sanitisers, which dry the skin and strip it of its natural protective barriers.

USD 18/ GBP14/ SGD 25
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