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BIOCLOX Personal Diffuser

The BIOCLOX Personal Diffuser is a portable, USB chargeable diffuser for use on the go – fitted with a lanyard to be worn around the neck, or simply held around your body, the BIOCLOX Personal Diffuser when used with the BIOCLOX Diffusing Solution provides powerful disinfection around you, including: 

  • Cleaning the air surrounding yourself: the constant stream of atomized BIOCLOX mist from the BIOCLOX Personal Diffuser cleans the air around you.

  • Cleans your hands: By directing the stream of atomized BIOCLOX mist from the BIOCLOX Personal Diffuser to your hands, this effectively cleans your hands, which is a suitable alternative to alcohol based sanitizers which dry your skin and strip it of its natural protective barriers and quickly evaporates.

  • Cleans your face: BIOCLOX Diffusing Solution is water based and when atomized through the the BIOCLOX Personal Diffuser is suitable and safe for directing at your face for disinfection and gentle for sensitive skin.

  • Cleans your clothes: By wearing the BIOCLOX Personal Nebuliser around you, the stream of atomized BIOCLOX  mist will also fall on your clothes and surfaces around you, providing disinfection power as well.

USD 18/ GBP14/ SGD 25
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