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BIOCLOX Vehicle Diffuser

The BIOCLOX  Vehicle Diffuser is a portable, USB chargeable Diffuser for use on the go in vehicles, and also suitable for desks and small spaces to be used with the BIOCLOX Diffusing Solution. 

The BIOCLOX  Vehicle Diffuser provides powerful disinfection around you, including: 

  • Cleaning the air: the constant stream of atomized BIOCLOX  mist from the BIOCLOX Vehicle Diffuser cleans the air in your vehicle and around you.

  • Cleans your hands: By directing the stream of atomized BIOCLOX  mist from the BIOCLOX Vehicle Diffuser to your hands, this effectively cleans your hands, which is a suitable alternative to alcohol based sanitizers which dry your skin and strip it of its natural protective barriers and quickly evaporates.

  • Cleans your fabric/surfaces: By using the BIOCLOX Vehicle Diffuser in your vehicle, the stream of atomized BIOCLOX  Diffusing Solution mist will also fall on the vehicle seats, your clothes and surfaces in the vehicle, providing further disinfection power.

The BIOCLOX Vehicle Diffuser also includes an additional feature of negative ionization, which provides an extra layer of defense when combined with the disinfection power of BIOCLOX Diffusing Solution. The negative ionization function directs a stream of negative air ions into the air which electrostatically attracts contaminants in the air and disperses them from the air. 

USD 35/ GBP 30/ SGD 50
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